We're here to serve the vision needs of greater Sioux Falls.


Mission & Vision

Our mission is simple: to help vision lead. 

When vision isn’t leading, it’s getting in the way. 

And when vision is in the way, we see a decrease in school and sports performace and increased frustrations.

We're here to help alleviate your daily vision challenges, and help all of our clients live their very best lives — the lives they were meant to live.

“It has been fun to watch Colin grow and develop as he has been given the tools to train his eyes to do what they are supposed to do! We will forever be thankful for being led on this journey!”
— Jodi W.

“Truly amazing work that they do to make kids successful in what they do!”
— Wendy S.

“We have been thrilled with Will’s results and would recommend Dr. Oakland, Sue and Center for Visual Learning to anyone and everyone!! We truly believe that this has changed Will’s life.”
— Bobbie T.