Emma: Improvements In All Aspects of Learning


Emma has always struggled with headaches, reading, writing and spelling. Homework was always a nightmare due to these issues. We would be about five minutes into homework and she would instantly complain of headaches and eye pain. She also got letters backwards a lot which was frustrating to us but Emma didn’t understand what she was doing wrong. Attention in the classroom was a huge struggle as well. Comprehension after reading was not there because she was straining so hard to figure out what the words were.


Since completion of Vision Therapy, Emma has improved in all aspects of learning! Her writing has improved greatly along with comprehension of stories. She has come so far with her lefts and rights. Headaches have decreased greatly which is great because now she can stay more focused during homework time. We are really hopeful for continued improvement with reading and writing during school this year along with an improved attention span in the classroom.