Sebastian: No longer has fear of slow reading or headaches when reading!

Before Vision Therapy:

Sebastian had difficulty reading and experienced frequent headaches. He avoided reading because of frustration and pain, resulting in struggles both in school and at home. Physically his eyes were healthy. Sebastian, his mother, and I worked together with an array of techniques to get him excited about reading, hoping to reduce headache’s, with little progress and feelings of helplessness. ~ Ryan (Dad)

After Vision Therapy:

Sebastian has reported he is no longer scared to do his homework for fear of slow reading and headaches. His reading speed and clarity has improved tenfold! Looking forward to coming to vision therapy, Sebastian is confident and happy about his experience with Dr. Oakland and the therapist that gave my son the confidence in his life. My wife and I thank you all sincerely for the work you do, and the hope you have given to our family! ~ Ryan (Dad)