A.J. : He no longer loses his place when he is reading!

Before Vision Therapy:

At the beginning of 1st grade, w noticed that A.J. was having a lot of trouble reading and counting. He was evaluated and determined to have a learning disability in reading and ADHD. He worked very hard but just could not keep up and was easily frustrated. He read almost entirely phonetically, sounding out every sound. He often would lose his spot on the page and read using his finger. He was losing confidence and was losing his love for books. ~ Donae (mom)


After Vision Therapy:

A.J. started vision therapy half way through the 2nd grade, and we noticed gradual changes at first. He no longer struggled with small words that troubled him before. He did not omit words or lose his place when reading as often. By mid-way though the program, he stopped using his finger to track words and was reading more fluently. His reading level that had been the same throughout most of 2nd grade, had suddenly started to increase. He also gained confidence as a reader. He continues to work hard but he now has a renewed interest in reading. ~ Donae (mom)